Yoga at work: Corporate Yoga Classes Melbourne, Victoria & the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Yoga at work enhances the well-being of employees and management. Yoga in your business is a great way to keep everyone healthy and happy. Our clients find that our yoga teaching improves productivity, concentration, creativity, and performance at work.

There are different styles of yoga. At Yoga Soul, programs have an emphasis on stress management, meditation, postures and breathing techniques.

Our approach builds team-work and improves performance under stress and pressure.
Yoga at work raises staff moral, improves adaptivity and yoga provides skills for coping with high stress levels and high work demands.

Corporate yoga programs are a wonderful incentive for employees as well as being a great way to recruit new talent. Offering yoga sessions in your business is a proactive step towards a healthy and safe work environment.

Jani's Experience with Corporate Yoga Programs

For six years, Jani has delivered corporate yoga programs throughout Melbourne and the CBD with services now extending to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Her clients include accountancy firms (such as BDO Kendall) , banks (ANZ and National Australia Bank head offices, Melbourne), universities (RMIT), government (Attorney Generals Office) and local government (Manningham City Council, City of Darebin), and other businesses such as Kirkbrae...

Jani's workplace yoga sessions have an emphasis on stress management, well-being and work-life balance. They include relaxation, meditation, yoga postures and breathing techniques to bring about emotional equalibrium, reduce stress and anxiety, improving concentration, memory retention and physical; emotional and mental wellbeing. Beginners quickly receive the benefits. Classes are designed for lunch-time delivery to optimize employees time and participation although some clients seek other arrangements.

Jani has an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching from the Australian Institute of Yoga (affiliated with the Centre of Adult Education in Melbourne). She is a member of Yoga Australia (formerly the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia YTAA). Jani is deeply passionate and a very warm, approachable teacher, highly popular with work-based participants. Her yoga skills stem from years of studying in India, South East Asia and Australia.

Class Details for YogaSoul's Corporate Yoga programs

Corporate yoga group classes are in 12 week to 12 month blocks and run from 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Special one-off classes can be arranged.
Ideally a minimum of 2 classes per week would be required for both employees and the company to really reap the benefits of the practice.


If you have any questions or would like to book for yoga classes, email or inquire online now