Yoga classes for businesses and corporate groups, yoga in schools, and yoga for individuals, highly qualified teaching in the Svastha Yoga and Hatha Yoga traditions, with an emphasis on meditation and relaxation. Yoga Soul serves Melbourne, Victoria and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Through yoga make positive changes to your lifestyle that will leave you feeling more energised and inspired. Life is full of many challenges, finding a balance between work, family, social life, studies, and ones wellbeing can be difficult at the best of times. Yoga brings forth a more focused mind and guides us to a way of living more harmoniously with ourselves and others promoting the return to innate peace.

Through practicing yoga regularly we can also enjoy improved health, increased vitality and fitness and a more peaceful state of mind and wellbeing.

Yoga-Soul's teacher: Jani

Jani is a yoga teacher trained in Svastha Yoga by AG Mohan and Indra Mohan. She holds an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching from the Australian Institute of Yoga & Academy of Yoga Learning in conjunction with the Centre of Adult Education in Melbourne and is trained to teach children, teens, adults and pregnancy yoga. Jani is a member of Yoga Australia (formerly the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia YTAA) and is continually expanding on her knowledge and experience of the life long study of Yoga through her own personal practice, teaching, and on going studies.

Jani's yoga teaching demonstrates a special interest in Meditation, Yogic Mindfulness and Yogic Philosophy. She's passionate about sharing yoga with children and teens to promote wellbeing from an early age. Her classes combine movement and breath work with relaxation techniques to improve wellbeing, flexibility, strength and clarity of mind. Her yoga studies and teaching experience give her the ability to adapt classes to accommodate to individual needs and abilities in both private consultations and group class settings.

You can find Jani's yoga instructor and yoga teacher page at Yoga Australia here
Class Schedule
Children's yoga classes in Melbourne and on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
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Corporate Yoga, Relaxation & Meditation Classes
Yoga classes that help businesses take care of employees. Classes are provided on-site.
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Private Classes
Classes adapted to suit the individuals needs at a time and place most convenient...
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Yoga for Children and Teens
A yoga practice in the earlier years of life can help set children and teens up for their future...
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