Jani, Sunshine Coast & Melbourne based Svastha & Hatha Yoga teacher

Jani has been trained in Svastha Yoga by AG Mohan and Indra Mohan and has been traveling regularly to India since 2000 to study Yoga and various types of meditation. She also has an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching from the Australian Institute of Yoga & Academy of Yoga Learning in conjunction with the Centre of Adult Education in Melbourne and is a certified teacher of yoga for children and teens and pregnancy yoga. She is a member of Yoga Australia (formerly the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia YTAA) and is continually expanding on her knowledge and experience of the life long study of Yoga through her own personal practice, teaching, and on going studies.

Her yoga classes combine movement and breath work with relaxation techniques to improve wellbeing, flexibility, strength and clarity of mind. She has experience in adapting yoga classes to accommodate to individual needs and abilities in both private consultations and group class settings.

Jani has a special interest in Meditation, Yogic Mindfulness and Yogic Philosophy. She believes yoga should be tailored to suit the individual through all phases of life.

You can find Jani's teacher / instructor page at the Yoga Australia website here


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