Yoga for Children & Teens, Melbourne & Sunshine Coast

Yoga in schools enhances both the well-being of students and the school. Yoga in schools provides children and teens with life skills and techniques to successfully cope with the many challenges which life can often present. As a result the school community benefits, and student moral improves which can often mean student conflict and bullying is reduced fostering a greater respect amongst students and teachers.

Yoga at your school is a great way to keep everyone healthy and happy.

Our clients throughout Melbourne, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast find that our high quality yoga clases for children and teens, industry experience, and expertise in teaching children and teens yoga improves concentration, creativity, and academic performance.

Personalized yoga sessions are available for children and teens in both kindergarten & primary & secondary school group settings in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast and in Melbourne.

During childhood and adolescence yoga helps facilitate personal growth, integrity, self-confidence, respect, self-discipline and co-operation. Postures, meditation, concentration techniques, relaxation practices and breath work (all a part of yoga) foster physical well-being, reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and memory retention and improve class moral.

Classes are tailored to suit the needs of the group and are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and flexibility.

Jani's experience with school-based yoga programs

Jani is a certified teacher of yoga for children and teens and accredited-yoga instructor, she delivers structured yoga programs for children and teens, running yoga classes for children as young as 3 years. Since returning to Australia, Jani has taught children and adolescents yoga at primary and secondary schools, community groups and in private individual sessions with clients including St Catherine's School, Kew High School, Caroline Springs College, Noble Park Language School and Antonine College to name a few.

Her yoga programs for teens have an emphasis on postures, relaxation, meditation, and breath work which benefit the individual and class as a whole. Yoga classes foster physical wellbeing and help reduce stress and anxiety, improving concentration, memory retention, body awareness and a healthy body image outlook as well as emotional equalibrium and improved self esteem. Yoga classes provide students with tools to self clam, manage stress and regulate emotions, and this intern improves class moral.

For younger children, she designs fun and entertaining yoga classes to enhance strength, balance, coordination, concentration, memory retention and body awareness, which improves children's sense of calmness and quality of sleep.

Tuition Details

Group yoga classes for children and teens are ideally weekly classes that run per term from 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Special one-off classes can be arranged.
Ideally a minimum of 2 classes per week would be required to really reap the benefits of the practice.
Private bookings can be made in blocks of 6 classes.


If you have any questions or would like to book for classes, enquire now.